Monday, May 22, 2017

Creating Life Cycle Models

This was a very fun filled STEAM activity! Our first graders are exploring the lifecycles of various plant and animals, so for this activity, we studied the lifecycles of a frog, a butterfly, a plant, and an apple.  I'm going to tell you how we  integrated technology, science and engineering all in one activity!

First I'll talk about how we integrated technology and science.  To start the activity, four stations were set up around the room; students were asked to scan  the QR code at their station. They were taken to either an online book or video which taught them about the lifecycle of the plant or animal at their station.

Engineering was easily integrated into this project… each student had their own play dough and were asked to construct each stage of the lifecycle for their plant or animal.Some students rushed through constructing each stage quickly in hope they would be able to “play” with the play dough, so I found it very helpful to continuously remind the class to take their time and to make each structure look as detailed as possibly.  Overall, this project was very successful, educational, and fun for the kids!

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