Monday, May 22, 2017

Animal Classification Scavenger Hunt

Lesson prepared and recap written by Jessica Yandell:
In order to help our second graders become more familiar with animal classifications, we did an animal classification QR scavenger hunt during STEAM.  What I liked most about this activity was that it allowed our students to actively learn through exploration and problem solving.  

There were thirteen QR codes and pictures of different animals placed around the room. Beside each picture was a QR code with an animal classification question. Students had to answer the questions correctly in order to proceed to the next QR code; if questions were answered incorrectly, they would not be able to get through the scavenger hunt.  Students worked in pairs to complete the scavenger hunt.  

Things I found helpful… In order to allow more space at each station, I set up two scavenger hunts, one on the right side of the room and one on the left; I split the class in half and told group A their hunt was located on the right side of the room and group B was located on the left side of the room. Each group were responsible for filling out a scavenger hunt question sheet, which I felt help the students to stay on task, as well as, ensure they had answered the questions correctly.  If students filled in the wrong answer, they would have to backtrack through the hunt to reattempt the question and figure out their next QR code destination.  

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  1. Wish there was a link to the scavenger hunt cards.