Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Full STEAM Ahead: Ozobot Community Helpers (first grade)

STEAM  1st Grade
Lesson Plan
Teacher: Mrs. Yandell
Date: 11/16/2016

Overview & Purpose

In this activity students will learn how to give commands to the Ozobots via Ozocodes, while exploring various community helpers in our community.  

Education Standards

  1. SS:N:1.4 The students will describe how the work that people do (police officer, firefighter, soldier, mail carrier, baker, farmer, doctor, and teacher) benefits a neighborhood.
  2. Robotics
  3. Computer Science
  4. 21 Century Collaboration Skills
  5. 21 Century Communication Skills


  1. Give commands to the Ozobot by Ozocodes
  2. Become more familiar with the Ozocodes
  3. Recognize various community helpers in our community
  4. Know how to use the QR code scanners

Materials Needed

  1. Blue, Red, Green Stickers
  2. Poster board & Black lines
  3. Ozobots
  4. I pads
  5. QR codes


Steps to check for student understanding
  1. Did your group work well together? Did you share ideas and listen to each other?
  2. Did you take turns scanning the QR codes?
  3. Was your group able to give the Ozobot correct commands from the ozocodes?
  4. What community helpers did you observe after scanning the QR codes?
  5. How do those community helpers benefit our community?


Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson
In this activity, students will work in groups of four or five.  Each group will have one Ipad, four QR codes, two Ozobots, a Ozobot command coding chart, and a “Ozobot command board”.
Prior to the activity, the teacher should have the Ozobot “command board” already drawn out and prepared for the students.  ( I suggest laminating if they are going to be used in multiple classes)  On the command board, there should be four places the Ozobot will come to a stop ( command code (greenred)).  At each stop there will be a QR code.  

The activity:
Part 1: Have the students spend time in their groups, and each person will choose two commands off of the ozobot code chart to place on the “command board.”  (We used color stickers for this activity, because we were able to peel them off and reuse the boards)  Encourage the students to use different commands, that way they can observe different behaviors and actions the ozobot will perform.
Part 2:  Students will then place their Ozobot on the “command board” and watch their robot interact with its environment.  They will observe its different behaviors depending on the code.  Each time a robot comes to a stop (at a QR code), students will use the Ipad to scan the QR code and determine what community helper their ozobot encountered.  Students should take turns scanning the QR codes.

This is an exciting way to learn about how community helpers benefit our community!

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