Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Full STEAM Ahead: Christmas Tree Engineering by Preschoolers

Christmas Tree Engineering
Lesson Plan for Preschool
Prepared by Mrs. Yandell


Can you build a Christmas tree that will stand up by itself with the material you have been given?


  1. Children will express their individual creativity
  2. Practice fine motor skills
  3. Children will experiment and find the best solution for the activity
  4. Children will explore engineering through interactive play


  1. Ability to roll four pieces of playdough into balls
  2. Ability to stick four straws into the balls
  3. Ability to build a standing Christmas tree using the materials given


  1. Playdough
  2. Four Straws


Steps to check for student understanding
  1. Did your Christmas tree stand up
  2. How do we remain persistent through challenges


Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson
Students will work individually to build a standing Christmas tree out of limited supplies. They will be given playdough and four straws.  First, roll four balls out of the playdough.  Next, place four straws into the balls of playdough.  Last, gather all of the straw at the top and put playdough around them so they conjoin to make the top of the Christmas tree. To finish the project, each child will be given one star to play on top of their standing Christmas tree.  

Christmas Tree Engineering Recap by Jessica Yandell

Students were able to explore engineering through interactive play, express individual creativity, and find the best solution to completing the activity.  This is a great activity for preschool children to practice fine motor skills and the ability to manipulate different materials using their hands.  The task was to build a standing Christmas tree using the given materials, and if they accomplished this task they were given a sparkling star to go on top of their tree.   There was so much excitement going on in the room because everyone wanted to earn their star! If students finished early, they were encouraged to take apart their tree and rebuild it a different way.  Students were really engaged and loved this participating in this lesson.  

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