Thursday, September 22, 2016

Path App Using Cardinal Directions

Designing a Path Using Cardinal Direction
Lesson Plan for 2nd Grade
Prepared by Mrs. Yandell


Continuing from last week's lesson… Students will learn the importance of cardinal direction, and explore means of navigation in the classroom by coding Dash to move N,S,E, & W by using the Path app.  This lesson will introduce the basics of coding, and creating algorithms.  


  1. SS:G:2.1 The student will identify and locate his/her city, county, state, nation, and continent on a simple map or a globe.
  2. SS:G:2.6 The students will use legends, map keys, cardinal directions,intermediate directions, compass rose, and letter/number grids to determine locations on different types of maps.
  3. SS:CH:2.1 The students will be able to locate Chattanooga on an US and Tennessee state map.
  4. 21 Century Communication
  5. 21 Century Collaboration skills
  6. CSTA Computer Science Standards/ ISTE Standards


  1. Use standard cardinal points to design path for Dash to drive
  2. Code Dash to follow the path
  3. Map out correct sequence of direction using cardinal points
  4. Write an algorithm using cardinal direction


Ipad / Path app

VERIFICATION Steps to check for student understanding

Did your group work well together?
Were you able to design a path, Dash could follow, using cardinal direction?
Did your code work? Did Dash follow the path you designed properly?
What was the sequence of steps that Dash was supposed to follow


In this lesson, each student will be able to design & draw out a path for Dash to maneuver using cardinal direction.  Each student will draw on a piece of paper a path, and they will write out the correct sequence of the cardinal points used in their path.  Students will split into groups of three and take turns coding Dash through their path.  

Recap written by Mrs. Yandell:
Check out the awesome learning opportunities we have at Chattanooga Christian School!
Our second graders have been learning about the compass rose and cardinal direction, so last week during STEAM, students had the opportunity to create a map using cardinal direction and then program their robots to drive the path they designed.  The goal for this activity was to design a map that would take their robot to “lost treasure”.  
The first part of the activity, students worked individually to create a map.  On their papers, they were instructed to have drawn the compass rose, a path, and label each line in their path with the correct cardinal direction.  Once students completed this part, they were able to work in groups of four to program their robots.  
Groups were to take turns programming the robot.  For this activity, we used the Path app, which allows students to draw a program for the robot.  Students were able to transfer the path (map) they had drawn on their papers to the Path app, which programmed their robot to get the lost treasure!  
I am so glad our students have the opportunity to experience new methods of learning!

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