Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Five Senses: SIGHT with First Grade

Five Senses: Sight
Lesson Plan for 1st Grade
Prepared by Ms. Yandell


Students will learn the how each of the five senses work together to help us explore the world around us.  This lesson will focus on the importance of sight.


  1. The students will understand how God created us with the abilities to experience His creation.
  2. The students will use their five senses to investigate, describe, and compare objects.
  3. The students will use their five senses to enhance their writing abilities.
  4. The students will use their five senses to describe an object.
  5. The students will recognize how they interact with their environment through their senses


  1. Discovering the importance of our five senses
  2. Discovering God’s desire for our senses
  3. Learning to make observations using sense of touch
  4. Learning the importance of observations to identify characteristics
  5. Recognizing categories of living things vs nonliving things


Paper and Pencil
Various Objects 15


  1. How do you use your eyes every day?
  2. What did you do?
  3. What did you learn?
  4. What questions do you have?


This activity will be comprised of three parts.  
We will begin the activity in the classroom, where we will go over the function of our eyes, and talk about the importance of using sight to explore our environment.  The three-part activity will take place outside.  First, the students will be blindfolded, and be asked to draw a picture without using their sight.  
 After looking at their pictures, students will observe how challenging it is to draw without being able to see.  The next activity, students will be blindfolded, and will start at one side of the courtyard.  They will be asked to keep their blindfolds on, and walk across the courtyard to a specified tree.  This challenge will give students the opportunity to experience how important sight is for us to be able to do so many things in our daily life.  The last activity, students will sit on the ground and will be shown 15 different objects, they will be able to look at them for 15 minutes, and then be ask to close their eyes… no peeking.  When they open their eyes,  they will be asked which objects were removed from the pile, and they will be asked to describe what the pile looked like, was any of the objects moved to a different place?

Recap written by Mrs. Yandell:
The goal for this year is to teach our first graders how God created us with the abilities to experience His creation and engage them in opportunities to use their five senses to investigate, describe, and compare objects.
Last week in the first-grade classes, we did a lesson on discovering the importance of our sense of sight.  This lesson consisted of three activities, which took place outside in the courtyard. Before starting the activities, we watched an educational children's video that described how our eyes work.  What I liked about this lesson was that children were able to participate in activities where they explored their environment blindfolded, which really gave them a good perspective how important our eyesight is!
There is one thing that I changed about this lesson by the time I taught the last class.  I decided in the first activity, the students should first draw a picture of their family and draw a blindfolded picture of their family.  This was a better approach than just drawing a picture blindfolded because they had two pictures to compare and really observe how much harder it is to draw without using sight.

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