Thursday, August 25, 2016

Discovering Friendships: Fruit of the Spirit Bracelets for Kindergarten

Discovering Friendships: Fruit of the Spirit bracelets
“Patterns in God’s World”
Lesson Plan for Kindergarten
Prepared by Ms. Yandell


Introduce STEAM to our kindergartners by discovering patterns and learn about God’s love while making friendship bracelets.  We will explore the importance of discovering friendships, so the students can learn more about their community here at CCS.   


  1. 21st Century communication skills
  2. 21st Century collaboration skills


  1. Discovering new friendships
  2. Discovering our school community
  3. Discovering God’s love and faithfulness through the Fruits of the Spirit
  4. Being respectful of our words and being good listeners
  5. Understanding the good of the team over their own viewpoint- how to compromise
  6. How to encourage others
  7. When you don’t do your part, it let’s the whole team down


  1. 1 pipe cleaner per child
  2. 9 color beads

After friendship bracelets are done recap with the following questions:
  • Did your team group together today?
  • Did you listen to each other?
  • Were your ideas listened to?
  • Did your discover new things about your classmates?
  • What are the Fruits of the Spirit?

    Gather straws and cut them to be the size of beads.  Provide each child with a pipe cleaner to build their bracelet.  Separate the class into three to four groups, with four to five student.  In the center of each table, beads and straws will be arranged in color categories.  Gathering around the table, each child will take turns and pick out one bead at a time and answer a question that is designated to that specific color.  The students will all draw from one color group at a time and share their answer to the question with their group of friends.  Once they have collected all of the color beads and have shared about themselves with their friends, they will make a friendship bracelet that follows a color pattern for their class.  
    Colors Questions:
    Blue -  What is your favorite movie?
    Pink- What is your favorite animal?
    Orange- What is your favorite food?
    Green- What is your favorite ice cream?
    Yellow- What is your thing to do?
    White- What is your favorite game?
    Purple- What is your favorite color?
    Brown- What is your middle name?
    Red- What is your favorite book?

    Friendships Bracelet Class Pattern -  Repeat twice
    1. Pink- Love, Orange- Joy, White- Peace, Purple- Patience, Blue- Kindness, Brown- Goodness, Yellow- Faithfulness, Green- Gentleness, Red- Self Control

Recap by Julie Davis:

In kindergarten, our theme for the year is "I Can...Discover" with the lens of looking for patterns and order in God's world. Our kindergarten students are starting the year working on the themes of friendship, sharing about themselves, learning about the fruits of the spirit, and learning about patterns. This lesson integrated all these ideas into one exciting lesson with a take away to wear home. For me, it was exciting to see how this project reinforced the learning in the classroom. In the future, I think allowing the students to create a "class bead" and printing it on the 3D printer would be another fun option to further integrate STEAM into this lesson. Striving to improve a lesson is always important whenever I reflect on how things went. Stay tuned for more details on what next week's lesson entails!

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